Counselling is a confidential and professional practice which enables people to develop self-understanding and to make positive changes in their lives. Our counsellors work with our clients from a position of unconditional positive regard and offer a warm and supportive space to talk about what is important to them.

The counselling process is often there to help with new adjustments in a person’s life, past hurts and developing a client’s wellbeing. The counselling process may focus on specific issues and relationships or perhaps on how someone is coping day-to-day. The issues may be short-term or long-term in nature and may involve working with individual clients or couples. Our counsellors work with our clients on many different issues which may include relationships in transition, depression, grief and loss, trauma and abuse, stress and parenting issues.

The Relationship Practice NSW offers a comprehensive, ethical and principled relationship for all our clients to listen, assist, explore and resolve issues of a personal and interpersonal nature. Our practice offers an inclusive and safe environment to all, regardless of cultural identity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and nationality.