Couples & Marriage Counselling

It is not uncommon to experience issues and difficulties in a loving relationship. Communication problems and intimacy issues can often be seen as a relationship that has “lost its spark” or irreparable rather than a relationship that needs some time and assistance to repair and reconnect with each other. Sometimes the old ways of communicating no longer work and a new pathway forward needs to be found that works for both partners.

In a newer relationship, exploring how each partner wants to bond together and understand more deeply what their partner needs to feel loved and secure will set a healthy and happy framework for a great long-term relationship.

We work with couples who can find themselves disconnected from each other for many reasons; it could be through drifting apart over time, a breakdown in trust or increased life stresses. Other times it may be increasing or excessive conflict in the relationship which can lead to feeling distressed, isolated or lonely. This specialised counselling helps one or both partners to understand how the relationship has changed and how to resolve conflict, offering support through a stressful and difficult time. Couples may be dealing with a sense of grief, anger or loss at the changes they are experiencing in their relationship. Working as a couple in therapy can help clarify uncertainty, heal past hurts and to better function together as a loving couple.

In couples therapy we can talk about intimacy, loss of affection and anxiety around sex. Many couples find that sexual issues can be resolved once the intimacy in the relationship is restored.

In many situations new relationship skills, communication and trust can be rebuilt. This can offer new pathways forward with a fresh sense of purpose and optimism in a relationship that both partners have chosen together and wish to build a loving future together.