Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of counselling that helps family members in a close relationship deepen their connections and navigate stressful times or situations. It assists family members to express and explore difficult thoughts, frustrations and emotions safely. Family therapy helps the people in the family to appreciate each other’s needs, build strengths together and make considered changes that will benefit all.

All family therapy approaches exist to assist with communication, coping skills and problem solving.

The Relationship Practice NSW offers Family Systems Therapy which works with the unique internal dynamics of each family. This approach considers the system that all family members belong to and acknowledges it as a social system with a unique structure and patterns of communication that needs to be looked at holistically – to enhance all family members’ sense of connection to one another.

Adults who lived in poorly functioning families as children may benefit from individual therapy using Family Systems Therapy concepts.

The Relationship Practice NSW engages with each family in an inclusive and supportive manner. Our practice is respectful that each family has its own personality with its own experiences, strengths and weaknesses, pasts and hopes for the future.