Pre-Post Separation & Divorce Counselling

When a relationship is becoming more difficult or breaking down, this specialist counselling can assist in an emotionally supportive and calm manner. It can assist one or both partners to understand how the relationship has changed and how to resolve conflict, offering support through a stressful and difficult time.

Communication both prior to and past separation can be difficult for many partners. There may be an immediate need to address communication or in some cases this may break down long past separation and divorce – often where there are children from this relationship.

The Relationship Practice NSW works with their clients in the early stages of separation where many people find that they are dealing with grief at the end of a relationship and for others who are experiencing anger or loss. In some situations separation is temporary and new relationship skills, communication and trust can be rebuilt.

Learning a new ways to communicate with each other at this emotional time when there are children involved can assist in minimizing conflict and further distress for all involved.

Post separation counselling can offer a new pathway forward in discovering how life can be as a single adult. Our practitioners offer a supportive environment assisting our clients to move forward with a new sense of purpose and optimism whether wishing to remain single or re-partnering.

Our practice offers an inclusive and safe environment to all, regardless of cultural identity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and nationality.